The New International University

Fees & Finance

TNIU makes every effort to offer quality education at the most affordable cost possible. It is the gracious support of donors/partners across the world, which enables TNIU to keep tuition and fee costs low.

Course Registration Fees

The tuition fees are due upon course registration, unless otherwise arranged. Late fees may be incurred, until the balance is paid in full. Late registration is considered a registration completed less than 30 days prior to the first day of the course. Such registration requests will be granted as room allows and will be assessed a late registration fee. See Appendix A for tuition, late registration, and past due account balance fees.

Payment of Accounts

Students are strongly encouraged to pay using their Populi student portals. Payment may be made online through the Populi financial portal.

Payment Plans

Students may choose to participate in a three payments plan, where one-third of the balance is due at the time of registration and second and third payments, of equal rates, are due at designated times during the semester that are set by the institution. See Appendix A in the catalog for more details in of Deferred Payment Fee.

Outstanding Balances

A student’s account must be current by the end of each enrollment period. Students will not be permitted to register for courses in subsequent semesters if they have an unpaid balance on their account, unless special permission is obtained from Student Accounts.

Balances remaining on a student’s account at the end of the semester will incur a financial charge per month until paid in full. Records, grades, and transcripts will not be released while an outstanding balance exists. If a student has a credit balance on their account and has not requested a refund, the credit balance will be deducted from the next tuition payment required of the student.

Refund Policy

Tuition refunds/credits are issued after withdrawal from a course. Students may withdraw from a course and receive a refund as per the Refund/Credit Schedule below. The date of withdrawal is certified by the student/course status change in Populi or when an official request is filed with the Registrar. Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. Students failing to properly withdraw from a course will not receive a refund.

Refund/Credit Schedule:

50% Refund – If the course is dropped within the 2nd full week.
No Refund – If the course is dropped after the end of the 2nd week.

Course Adjustments (Add/Drop)
Course changes may occur at any time during the designated periods of the Academic Calendar. Course changes are subject to Registration Change Fee (See Appendix
A). Courses that are dropped are subject to TNIU’s Refund Policy.

The Academic Calendar allows for a designated period (three full weeks from the start of a course) in which courses may be dropped without recording. During this period, students may withdraw from a course by themselves in Populi. After that date, students must submit an official Course Adjustment (Add/Drop) Form to the Registrar. In addition, courses are recorded as Withdrawn “W”. Failure to attend a course without officially processing the drop will result in a grade of F on the student’s academic transcript. The Academic Calendar and course syllabi are made available through the Populi Student Portal, and students are required to submit the Syllabus Acknowledgement Form for each registered course.

Other Expenses

The student is responsible for and should consider other additional expenses when budgeting for educational costs. These costs may include:

Required books for each course.

  • Transportation, housing and meal costs for courses requiring travel for the student. (for example, International / Cross-Cultural Experience Course)
  • Editing, second reader fees and printing fees related to the final Master’s Final Project or Doctoral Project, in addition to the TNIU graduation fee.
  • Personal graduation expenses, in addition to the graduation fee.Financial AidTNIU understands the financial stress that can result from the pursuit of a post- secondary education. To help ease that burden, TNIU has kept fees to a minimum. TNIU offers flexible payment plans that are tailored to the student. Contact the Business Office for details regarding a partial or full payment plan options. At this time, TNIU does not currently offer any formal scholarship programs or accept Government funding.

Institutional Course Cancellation

In the rare event of where TNIU must cancel a course, all students will be notified immediately via email, and the University will refund or credit 100% of any course fees prepaid by the student.

Course Audits

Auditing a course means a student has obtained permission to attend the class but is not enrolled to receive academic credit, nor will the course be listed on the student’s Academic Transcript. If dropped, audit courses will not be refunded.