The New International University


Welcome to The New International University, an educational institute dedicated to offering affordable, quality higher education to Christian leaders in the emerging world. 

Learning Begins With Us

Launched by the World Impact Network, the New International University is an online academic
institution whose mission it is to offer students living anywhere in the world who may not
otherwise be able to access or afford education, the chance to study, succeed and fulfill God’s
call to ministry.

Online courses allow students to learn in real-time. Our practical, low-cost,
accessible education is available globally. Communities are better served when students can
earn a degree while remaining in their own countries.

Academic Degrees

TNIU, provides a worldwide model of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education
that invites students to evaluate and reinvent how they can implement what they learn through
their studies, in practice. In addition to degree knowledge, TNIU’s education highlights the need
for students to identify their values and to discover ways in which they can live out those values
in practice.

TNIU teaches using a proven mixed delivery system, inclusive of curriculum delivered via
cutting-edge technology, culturally diverse student cohorts, periodic on-ground
seminars/conferences and cross-cultural immersion experiences with global faculty. This
educational model challenges student assumptions, explores diverse paradigms and stimulates
students to think critically about the diverse ways in which ministry can be accomplished, even
in different contexts.


- Associate of Christian Ministry (ACM)
- Bachelor of Theology (BTh)


- Master of Ministry (MMin)
- Master of Divinity (MDiv)


- Doctor of Christian Leadership (DCL)
- Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Becoming a TNIU Student


TNIU has a rolling admissions process, and complete application files are reviewed by the Chief Academic Officer in consultation with the Program Dean and the Academic Board. Applicants have three opportunities per year to be admitted into a program (January, May, and September). TNIU admits applicants based on their academic qualifications and/or their ministry experiences.


Students who desire entrance to TNIU should begin the process by submitting an online application. Academic transcripts from non-US institutions may be evaluated by an outside firm at the applicants' cost. Qualified applicants with missing documentation may receive provisional acceptance. They have up to six months to submit all documentation.


TNIU offers affordable higher education to Christian leaders worldwide. Our global faculty are subject matter experts. They offer guidance and mentorship to small-size classes. Students have access to cutting-edge technology for learning management and an online library of a vast collection of books, academic texts, and tools.

What is it like being a TNIU Student?

TNIU is dedicated to training men and women who genuinely desire to live a Christ-honoring life. Being a student in good standing is the norm. Acceptable Christian behavior results from reliance on the Spirit of God to produce spiritual fruit in the believer, (Galatians 5:22-23). Recognizing TNIU as a community of believers, the school expects its students, faculty, and staff to exemplify Biblical standards of conduct in all areas of their lives, and in interpersonal and community relationships. The Institution expects its students to demonstrate integrity in their personal lives and in their academic/professional work, and to show respect, concern, and proper behavior towards their colleagues and those in authority.

TNIU’s Student Conduct Standards are a central criterion of behavior for all that are a part of our community. It represents a standard of Christ-like maturity based upon a Biblical philosophy, reverence for God, esteem for humankind, and personal integrity. Recognizing that preparation for and involvement in the service of Christ requires personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, we expect all members of our community to seek spiritual growth and maturity in their Christ-like lives

Our Affiliations

TNIU is blessed to work with some of the best faith-based educational organizations. 



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