The New International University

Our History

Established through the World Impact Network in 2017, The New International University is a unique global institution, in that it offers affordable, accessible quality Christ-centered theological higher education to leaders internationally. TNIU focuses on developing leaders in transformation and in offering a holistic approach to education. 

We view education as more than acquiring intellectual knowledge. We view it as an opportunity to develop the capacities of the entire individual, spiritually, intellectually and practically. This is achieved through the application of educational learning that contributes to vocation, ministry, work related settings, and society in general.

We believe education is the new mission frontier, and we will use TNIU to impact nations with the gospel.

Dr. Peter van Breda - TNIU President

TNIU fulfills a unique global need in bringing sought-after university education directly to its students at low cost while still providing quality, cutting-edge faith-based curriculum and programs.

TNIU programs are offered via innovative delivery methods (i.e. online and periodically on-ground face-to-face lectures.

TNIU believes that Christian values-based higher education is the most effective way to impact leaders, nations, and ultimately the world. The world is in dire need of effective leaders with integrity, who can act accountably, and who desire to serve others in order to create better societies and a better world.

Teaching from the very best in the world

TNIU has access to qualified faculty from around the globe. It is our firm conviction that education must be democratized so that it is affordable and easily accessible to all people desirous of learning.

Watch our Academic Dean, Dr. Keith Warrington, deliver an introduction to one of our courses —>