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First Time Student:
Anyone applying to TNIU who has graduated from high school/home school and has less than 12 credit hours of college coursework. Requirements:

  • High school or Home school diploma or GED.
  • Final Official Transcript from the diploma issuing High School, copy of official Home School transcript. If applicant has not graduated high school during the application process, an “In Progress” high school transcript is required for admission; a final official high school transcript is then required prior to acceptance.

Transfer Student:
Anyone applying to TNIU who has earned 12 or more credit hours of college coursework from a post-secondary institution. Requirements:

  • Separate, Official Transcripts from each previous college/university attended
  • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in most recent college/university course work

Adult Learner:
Anyone applying to TNIU who has earned less than 12 credit hours of transferrable college coursework and meets the following requirements:

  • Final Official Transcript from the diploma issuing High School, copy of Official Home School transcript or GED
  • High school graduation date at least eight years prior to the date of application;
  • Minimum age of 26 years old
  • Additional documentation is preferred by the Office of Admissions such as: Professional training coursework, ministry/work experience, and/or recommendations
  • Separate, Official Transcripts from each college/university previously attended

Any potential student who does not possess a High School Diploma. Admission for this type of student requires Academic Probation and completion of Student Success Program(s) within the University. Requirements:

  • Official Transcript of any High School or Home School or GED coursework
  • Additional documentation is preferred by the Admissions Office such as: Professional training coursework, ministry/work experience, and/or recommendations

Homeschooled Applicants
All Homeschooled applicants with less than 12 hours of earned college/university credit must have an official Home School Transcript sent to the Office of Admissions, in addition to all collegiate coursework.

International Applicants

International applicants should submit their applications at least three months prior to the semester in which they intend to enroll. The application file should be completed, and the applicant accepted, at least three months before the first course. International applicants are required to submit official documentation of all postsecondary education.

International applicants or applicants who have earned their degrees from a non-US accredited institution will have all transcripts evaluated by a certifiable agency, showing English translation and U.S. degree equivalency. (TNIU will utilize World Education Services available at This does not apply to students who have completed courses at TNIU previously. In this case, TNIU will accept and review the student’s transcript of courses previously completed at the University.

International transcripts and/or documents must be original, issued, and certified by the issuing university or college. International documentation should contain complete record of all courses completed, grades received, all degrees/diplomas/certificates conferred or awarded and dates. Each document must be submitted in the original language and must be accompanied by an English translation that is officially verified. TNIU understands that international transcripts are at times difficult to obtain, and thus reserves the right to approve, via the Admissions Committee, a limited number of exceptions to official transcript requirements for international applicants.

Undergraduate Degree Completion
The undergraduate degree completion program exists to assist those seeking to finish incomplete degrees. Students transferring in to TNIU will be awarded as many educational credits as possible, for the work completed at another institution. TNIU aims to be flexible with students in order to allow them to successfully complete their chosen degree in a timely fashion. The number of transfer credits approved upon acceptance will determine the number of semesters a student will need in order to finish a program. TNIU’s Registrar can assist the students with an unofficial review before the application is submitted. The student’s Official Transcript must be sent to the registrar, along with the request for credit review, at:

Masters & Doctoral Requirements

Masters & Doctoral Admissions and Requirements

The New International University Masters and Doctoral programs have a unique focus on the realities of global leadership. The University is committed to equipping and developing transformational leaders in business and various forms of ministry. We not only seek to strengthen those who come to us with traditional academic qualifications, but also those who lead effective transformational organizations, and who have a proven record of leadership without a traditional academic background.

In many settings, both internationally and nationally, leaders have not had adequate access to educational opportunities. Non-Western and non-formal qualitative learning is given considerable value at TNIU. Based on these convictions, we encourage transformational leaders worldwide to apply for our degree programs. Each applicant will be evaluated on his/her merit and will receive a recommendation from the Academic Dean, in consultation with the Academic Board regarding the appropriate academic program.

Courses include an online component, which usually will include fifteen weeks of asynchronous and synchronous interaction between students, faculty, guest lecturers and online mentors. Instruction may include video lectures, live video conferencing sessions, faculty guided small group peer learning sessions, faculty led individual mentoring, as well, there will be reading and writing assignments. Other learning opportunities may include:

  • Immersions located in global cities hosted by TNIU faculty, who are subject matter experts, providing access to best practice examples of the areas of specialization sought by TNIU students.
  • Individual mentoring may be provided through faculty mentors or TNIU alumni.

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